Friday, August 1, 2014

Review: Airy Curl Styler

Price: $5-$6 

Airy Curl Styler?  More like Airy LIES.

My fault partly.  What the Airy Curl Styler is supposed to do is create easy, light and loose curls with the heat of a blow dryer, as opposed to using a curling iron, which is more damaging for your hair.  I watched Shu An's review on Tried and Tested from clicknetwork awhile back, which inspired me to blow my money~ After all, I saw it produce a proper looking curl with my very own eyes--granted, it was just one curl.  

*I'm going to warn you now, I don't have any before and after pictures (they were that bad) and I don't have product pictures either because I threw it out before it occurred to me to write a review first.    

Instructions:  Spritz your hair, so that it's slightly damp.  I don't recommend towel drying your hair for this because it'll be too wet to work with--also, towel drying your hair too much makes it go all frizzy, especially if you have fine hair.  Grab a chunk of your hair, poke the styler in toward the end of the section, and roll it up; you can roll it outward or inward, depending on your preference.  The edges of the protruding forks are lined with small bristles to help grip and hold the strands in place while you blow dry your hair into shape.  Once it's dry, let it set for about a minute, then gently slide the styler out.  You should have an airy curl.  

If my directions aren't clear, you can watch Shu An's demo in the video below.

Anyhow, when I tried it, I wasn't very successful.  The styler didn't grip onto my hair very well, so it rolled it up in a very messy manner.  Because of all the tangles and fly outs, I ended up with crazy, awkward, haphazard looking curls after I blew dry my hair.  You really have work with it to have your curls come out the right way, which involves a lot of experimenting and patience.  

This means:

  • Figuring how damp your hair has to be; if it's too damp, it will take forever to dry, but if it's too dry, it will not curl
  • Figuring out how how much hair you need per section; if it's too thick, the heat won't penetrate, but if it's too thin, it will not wrap
  • Figuring out how to tidily wrap your hair around the forks, so you won't blow dry your hair into a tangled frizzy bunch
  • Knowing which way to curl your sections, so they don't go all over the place
  • Knowing how long you need to blow dry each section
  • Etc.  

The texture, length and type of hair you have will be a factor as well--I have very thin and fine hair that tangles easily.  Keep in mind however, even if you've managed to create desired curls, they're very temporal and won't hold throughout the day, much less an hour.  My medusa head flattened out pretty quickly without any hair spray/mousse to preserve it.  

All in all, I do think that this styler can produce curls if you put the time into it, but I don't think the results are worth the time and effort.

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