Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Buff

Price:  $7
Rating:  ☺☺☺☺

The day came when I finally ran out of Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector (they discontinued it awhile back), so I finally decided to try out another one of their highlighters since I had liked the one I had been using so much.

For skin tone reference/shade comparison, I'm currently a Warm Golden #310 in Revlon's ColorStay Foundation.

+Brightens complexion, creating a luminous effect; this is a great highlighter for those with oily skin because it doesn't contain as much shimmer/sparkle, which accentuates face grease.
+Concentrated formula; a little goes a long way.  Use minimal amounts.
+Soft, flexible brush tip.
+There is a peach undertone to this concealer, which helps to neutralize dark under eye circles.  My skin has neutral/warm/yellow undertones, but the color difference isn't particularly noticeable once its blended out.

-I don't really like the click applicator; it's hard to gauge how much product is released while you're twisting because the brush tip tends to conceal the product.  As a result, it seems to come out all at once in thick blobs that you can't apply directly to your face because it's too condensed.  Use your finger to lightly dab thin streaks where you want to highlight your face and blend it out with a separate brush.

.Be patient; the disclaimer on the packaging says that it may take up to 10 twists the first time you use it for product to come out.
.I would recommend using a brush, rather than your fingers to blend this highlighter out.  Because the formula is more concentrated, your finger might not be able to blend out the product evenly and you could  possibly end up looking caked, creased and discolored (the peachy tone is obvious if you don't blend it out properly).
.I advise using this more as a highlighter than a concealer, even though it is advertised as a dual purpose product.  While the formula is more concentrated, it provides more of a brightening effect with sheer coverage, which won't cover redness or more obvious imperfections.

The concealer comes out from the middle of the brush tip.
This is the concealer before it has been blended to show its peach undertone.
When it's blended out, the color difference isn't noticeable--what you end up with is
just a brightening effect.  

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