Friday, January 17, 2014

Etsy Finds/Picks: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Part IV (Food Edition)

I told myself I would only post up one collection a day...but I got way too excited and wanted to share them NOW.

If you're still recovering from the holidays, most of these Valentine's Day gift ideas are actually budget friendly, so no worries.  I'm sure these will bring a smile to whoever receives them, they look so good!

[From left to right]
1)  Dolce Creative Sweets Valentine Cake Balls
2)  Douglas Sweets Raspberry Scottish Shortbread
3)  Hits the Spot Solid Chocolate Heart Pops
4)  Sweet on Hearts Winter Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies
5)  Sweetniks Strawberry Marshmallows
6)  Sweet Caroline Confections Coral Glitter Lollipops
7)  Indayani Baked Goods Raspberry Macarons
8)  A Pocketful of Sweets Red Sugar Candy Jewels
9)  Big Bear Chocolates Cherry Chocolate Chip Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Apple
10)  The Sugar Forest Valentines Heart Peppermint Bark
11)  A Touch of Double J Sea Glass Candy
12)  Dolce Creative Sweets Valentines Heart Sandwich Buttercream Cookies

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  1. We are just seeing this...thanks so much for mention! Hope you had a VERY happy Valentine's Day!