Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Picks: 9 Cat Sweaters for My Crazy Cat Ladies

Cold weather calls for some hot cocoa and cozying up with your cat, but if you don't have one, you can always curl up in one these cat sweaters.  I can't promise you the quality of the clothing, however--they're all sourced from China.

For instance, I once bought a dress and I had to wear it as a shirt.  The hem didn't even reach my butt crack. 

You have been warned.  

[From left to right]
1)  Draped Cat Sweater
2)  Cat Silhouette Black Sweater 
3)  Chubby Cat Face Mottled Sweater
4)  'Benign' Cat Sweater
5)  Leopard Bespectacled Cat Sweater
6)  Fleece Cat Head Pocketed Hoodie
7)  3 Cat Heads Sweater
8)  Orange Cat Hoodie
9)  Cat Whisker Pocket Hoodie

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