Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipsticks in 111, 107, 109 & 110

Price:  $5 - $6

One of the worst line of lipsticks I've ever tried.

111:  Deep red
107:  Deep berry red with blue undertones
109:  Peach coral
110:  Coral

+Velvet matte-like finish

-It is impossible to create definition with these lipsticks (refer to photos below for example).  Even if you manage to create clean lines, the lipstick moves around your lips so easily that it bleeds out and transfers like crazy.  For instance, if I press my lips together, it'll smudge off the edges.
-Patchy, uneven application
-Feathers, settling into fine lines as the day goes on
-Not long lasting
-Drying.  I can feel my lips slowly shriveling up like raisins
-Intolerable scent and taste.  It's almost comparable to rotting fruit

(These photograph lighter than they actually appear in person.  Because they were so difficult to apply, I only applied 1 coat.  They're about 1-2 shades deeper in actuality if you apply multiple coats.)


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