Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Benefit Benetint in Rose

Price:  $32
Rating:  ☺☺

Save your money.

+1 coat leaves a very fresh, natural looking rosy tint to your lips
+If you're not eating or drinking, it stays on pretty well.  It doesn't hold up against food or beverages however, which is disappointing for a lip stain.

-Applies unevenly:  Because the formula is so watery, you can't build up the color very well--the deep cherry color comes off a lot lighter than it appears in the bottle.  If you apply more than one coat on your lips, it actually pools up along the outer edges of your top lip, leaving the inner lip bare.  For the bottom lip, I find that it actually settles more along the inner edge and creates a gradient outward.  
-The flimsy brush is not the best applicator for applying the stain on your lips.  It tickles.
-I find that this stain doesn't adhere well if applied to anything other than bare lips.  It goes on even more unevenly if I have even the slightest hint of lip balm on prior to application.  You can apply lip balm after you've stained your lips however, to keep them moisturized.
-I don't like to use this as a blush.  If you wear foundation/powder, I feel like it doesn't blend in very well, it kind of just sits on top of your skin and looks blotchy, almost like a natural mild  rash.  
-Not worth the price.  At all.  This basically seems like it's red food coloring mixed with water.  You might as well try making your own from beets or kool aide.  Or red food coloring.

.Because this is a stain, if you do have dry/chapped skin, this may not be the best product for you to use on your lips or cheeks.  Flaky/dry skin will absorb the stain, making the product impossible to blend, which creates splotchy, uneven color.
 .I would recommend this more for people with fair skin.  If you have more pigmented lips or darker skin, you have to apply more layers for the color to show up, which is unfortunate because there's not that much product available in the bottle.

Left:  1 layer (blended)/ Right:  4 layers (as is)
2 coats
 If you can see, the stain has gathered along the edges of my top lip and the inner edge of my bottom lip.
The more coats you add, the more  pronounced this effect becomes.

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