Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review: Skinfood Nail Vita in #RE106

Skinfood Store
Price: $3
Rating:  ☺☺

+The polish in the bottle looks like a deep brown, but it isn't, I promise.  2 coats for a true black cherry (similar to Milani's Nail Lacquer in Black Cherry, but in a deeper shade), 1 coat for a berry red 
+High gloss finish

-It takes quite awhile to completely dry; about 20-30min for both hands 
-The surface dries semi-hard, so it dents/scratches very easily; you definitely need to wear a topcoat with this.
-Chips easily
-The brush is a little too soft and flexible for my liking; it's harder to create clean, precise edges at the cuticles because of this.  

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