Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review: Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

Skinfood Store/Ebay
Price:  $17
Rating:  ☺☺☺


-Abrasive:  Personally, I'm not a fan of face scrubs, particularly  products such as these that contain larger grains.  I find it too harsh for the skin.
-Chunky; difficult to apply:  Have you ever bought organic peanut butter?  The kind that you have to stick in the refrigerator, but once you do, it hardens and makes it difficult to spread on your bread?That's what this reminds me of, but on your face.

.For clarification, this isn't actually a mask despite what the packaging says.  You could use it as one I suppose, but I wouldn't bother because it's so difficult to handle.
.Mash a chunk of the scrub against your hands first, don't do it directly on your face.  Rub gently over  wet face in circular motions, avoiding the area around your eyes and mouth.  Rinse.  Pat dry.
.There's nothing particularly special about this scrub.  If you made your own out of brown sugar, honey and lemon, it would probably give you the same results.


  1. I'm not really a big fan of face scrubs either, but I do like their Rice Mask Wash off. Thanks for the review!

  2. I checked it out the other day at the Skinfood Store because you mentioned it, it looks really creamy and fluffy! Thanks for the recommendation, I'm definitely going to try it out.