Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Miss Candy Colour Riche Nail Polish in Mango Mama, Miss Pixie & Bubble Trouble

Price:  $7
Rating:  ☺☺☺☺

Mango Mama:  Duck egg yolk.  Seriously.
Miss Pixie:  Creamy cerulean blue
Bubble Trouble:  Light bubble gum pink

+Easy, smooth application
+Self levels:  No streaks throughout each layer; dries evenly.  Bubble Trouble looks really nice with just one coat; it's perfect for a French manicure.  I wouldn't recommend using one coat for Mango Mama and Miss Pixie however; it looks too washed out and incomplete.  
+High gloss finish
+Dries fairly quickly if you apply thin layers

-This isn't so much as a con, but a note of preference.  Jelly polish is a bit unusual because it doesn't go on as a solid color for the most part (you can build it up to one if you'd like, of course) and there is a high gloss factor, just like jelly--this might not appeal to some people.  If you apply two or even three coats, you may still see your nail line underneath, which means your fingernails must be really clean before application since the formula doesn't offer much coverage.  These are not for the lazy.  You don't have to worry that much about it if your nails are cut short, however :)

.It takes about 3 coats to build up a solid color for these three polishes.
.The formula is more on the watery end; for best results (as in even application), tap off excess polish before application.  Build up the color using thin layers.    
.I recommend cleaning and buffing your nails before application for a clean, jelly look.  
.If you don't like the sheer jelly look, just layer this over another nail polish to create a new color combination.  

Mango Mama, 3 coats
Mango Mama - left:  1 coat , right:  2 coats

Miss Pixie, 3 coats
Miss Pixie - left:  1 coat , right:  2 coats

Bubble Trouble, 3 coats
Bubble Trouble - left:  1 coat , right:  2 coats

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