Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: The SoCal Curls Hair Tie - No Heat Curls!

Price:  $19.99
Rating:  ☺☺☺

1)  Microwave the hair tie for 30 seconds.
2)  Tie the hair tie around your head; secure tightly. 
3)  Start from one side of your head and loop a section of your hair around the hair tie (up, around and through). Add the next section of hair to the hair that you looped through and continue in that manner until you've reached the midway point at the back of your head.  Repeat this method from the other side of your head and finish off by looping and tucking in any remaining strands of hair into the hair tie.  
4)  Wait 30min - 1hr (or you can leave it on overnight).  Untie the hair tie and carefully remove to release your curls.  

Watch the video tutorial provided by SoCalCurls to see how it works:  

+Simple, easy to use:  It took about 5-10min to loop all of my hair into the hair tie (I have medium length hair).
+Quick:  It took 45min for my curls to set (my hair was dry).
+Nondamaging:  It doesn't tangle your hair, and because no harsh heat or chemicals are used, your curls remain naturally soft.  

-I didn't really like the kind of curls created on my type and length of hair.  I have fine, medium length hair that is layered and thinned out towards the bottom (I also have more hair on one side of my head due to the way my hair is parted, making the left side of my hair significantly thicker than the right), so my curls weren't as consistent as it would have been if my hair was longer and one length.  It also doesn't look very natural; by that I don't mean that they looked really f*ed up, but as in they looked very deliberate.  I like really loose, natural looking waves.  I can't achieve it very well with my type of hair because if I wrap my hair looser around the hair tie, it's more difficult to secure and the curls barely form.  In addition, because my hair is too fine, I can actually see the divide/dent left from where the hair tie was secured--my hair looks really flat at the top of my head.  I look like I have hat hair!  

However, it's not so much the hair tie itself that is the issue, but a matter of personal preference and factors.  If you look at videos on youtube, you can see examples of how the curls look on different kinds of hair--they look very pretty for the most part on people with very long and thick hair.  Remember to experiment with varying degrees of tightness until you find the kind of curls you like.  

.The hair tie comes in a variety of scents (coconut, rose, vanilla and jasmine).  While you wait for your curls to set in, the tie infuses your hair with a subtle fragrance that can last throughout the day.

.Have someone else wrap your hair for you, it's easier.  
.When wrapping hair around the hair tie, keep the tightness consistent, otherwise the curls will come out unevenly--that's what happened to me, as you can see.  On one side of my head, the curls are tighter and more defined, while on the other, the curls are looser and wavier.    
.For loose, wavier hair, divide your hair into larger sections; don't loop it around the hair tie as tightly.  For tighter, spiral curls, take smaller/medium sections of your hair and loop it more tightly around the hair tie.  
.For more dramatic curls, leave hair tie on overnight.
.These curls only last for a couple of hours before they loosen and wilt.  For longer lasting curls, use mousse/hair gel/hair spray to set your curls.

Hair is all wrapped up!  

45min later...
Remember to keep the tightness consistent when  you
wrap the sections of your hair, otherwise your curls will come
out uneven, like mine :( 
However, if you're unhappy with how your curls turned out, it's
salvageable.  Your hair is textured and wavy now, which is perfect for
updos, side buns or messy buns :)


  1. Would that be comfortable to sleep in? I am intrigued by this one!

    1. It's fairly comfortable to sleep in since the hair tie isn't that thick. It's filled with herbs and what not I think for the scented ones, but for the nonscented ones, I think it's like a bean bag material. The only problem you might come across is that your hair might come loose in bed if it's not wrapped tightly enough around the hair tie or if you move around a lot in your sleep.