Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: O.P.I. in Grand Canyon Sunset

Price:  $8 
Rating:  ☺☺

+Smooth, easy application
+Dries quickly
+Pigmented:  1 coat for full coverage, but I recommend 2 for a smoother coat.

.This nail polish does not dry with a glossy finish, so apply a topcoat if you like that kind of a look.
.I still haven't decided how I feel about the color yet:  It's a dirty, deep watermelon pink with a hint of silver shimmer.  While it's not a very feminine kind of pink because it has a brown/grey undertone,which I like--on the other hand, it's also not a very flattering color against my particular skin tone.  At night and under dim lighting however, it's not as noticeable and shows up simply as a subdued pink, which is a lot nicer.  I would probably recommend this shade for people with paler skin.

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