Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara in Black 02

Rating:  ☺☺

+This is probably the most longlasting drugstore mascaras I've tried so far; it doesn't smudge or melt through daily wear, which is impressive, considering how I have really oily skin
+Undoubtedly lengthens
+Opthamologist tested:  Safe for sensitive eyes

-Makes my lashes really stiff, hard and unnatural; it almost makes them look like those cheap, false plastic lashes you can buy at Asian dollar stores.  
-Although this mascara isn't meant to volumize your lashes, it does make them look more sparse because it sticks the lashes together at the ends (spider lashes!)
-Slightly clumpy (you can minimize this by wiping excess mascara from your brush with a tissue first before application):  You can comb the clumps out with the brush, but I find that the more you comb your lashes out, the sparser they look.  

.I don't recommend using this product if you have thin/sparse lashes.  The mascara weighs them down, slowly but surely, straightening the curl.  I also find that rubber bristle brushes tend to exacerbate sparse lashes even more--the more you comb sparse lashes once you've applied mascara, the more they straighten out, causing your lashes to lose volume and stick together into stiff points.    

Left:  No mascara, Right:  1 coat of mascara
1 coat of mascara

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