Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color in Berry Shimmer 49 & Cheeky Coral 01

Price: $12.50

You know, honestly, these wouldn't be so terrible if it were't for the smell.  It smells really, really awful.  It's so bad, it ruins my appetite.        

-Scent and flavor:  These lipsticks have a very peculiar, heavy, aged floral-like scent and flavor that remains even after the lipstick itself has faded.  It makes everything taste like you just ate expired soap. 
-Although Berry Shimmer comes from the Colourglide Lip Color Line and Cheeky Coral from the Colourglide Shine Lip Color line, both lipsticks have an overly shimmery finish.  They make your lips look and feel greasy.  I also feel like this kind of formula emphasizes the wrinkles on your lips more and makes it appear rough due to the microglitter.
-Not pigmented:  The color goes on very sheer.  When I tried to build up the color, it just resulted in more microglitter and disgusting, slippery layers of smelly lipstick.  
-Not long lasting:  I guess this could fall under the 'Pro' section, though it would be for the wrong reasons.  

.The Body Shop has an excellent return policy.  As long as you have your receipt, you can return/exchange/receive store credit for any of your items at any time--even items that have been opened or used.  

Berry Shimmer 49
Cheeky Coral 01

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