Saturday, April 13, 2013

NOTD: Glitter Tipped Nails

To be honest, these were inspired by my yellowed nails, which were a result of poor lifestyle choices--namely being, my refusal to wear a base coat coupled with leaving my nail polish on for weeks at a time without giving my nails a chance to breathe.  Consequently, the top half of my nails are stained yellow right now (they've been growing out).  I didn't want to keep repainting my nails and continuing that vicious cycle, so I decided to go with a glitter tipped look to distract from my mistake.  You can actually still see some of the yellow under certain lighting if you look closely...but it's not as noticeable as it was before :)

Products Used
essie:  Shine of the Times
Milani:  High Fashion 831
Pure Ice:  Beware
Revlon:  Base + Top Coat

1)  Apply essie's Shine of Times multi-dimension top coat on the top half of  each of your nails.
2)  Dab Milani's High Fashion gold glitter on the tips and half way down the sides of the nails.  Let dry.  Dab on another layer in this manner, but more sparingly because this polish is thicker.
3)  Dab Pure Ice's Beware silver glitter on the tips and half way down the sides of the nails.  Let dry.  Dab on 2 more layers in this manner (once again, sparingly) but closer to the tips to create a light gradient effect.
4)  Finish by applying Revlon's Base + Top Coat on all nails.   

*You will want to dab the layers of glitter sparingly (tap off the excess liquid) to prevent chunky build ups of nail polish on the tips of your nails.  We're trying to keep everything even as possible for a more polished look.  

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