Friday, February 22, 2013

Interview with Annette from AnnetteCheungPhotography

This is Annette, an aspiring artist living in North Vancouver--she is also my little cousin.

...And she is also only 16 years old.

She is a daily reminder of what a failure I am as one who considers herself creative.  While my hobbies consist of eating and taking pictures of what I'm eating, she will set up photoshoots during her free time and do everything inbetween--that means makeup, props, set up, shooting, editing and more.  All of that, AND she manages to finish her homework on time.  Talk about inspiring.  You can see why I feel a mix of pride and shame when I look at her photography.

You can check out the rest of her work on her facebook page at AnnetteCheungPhotography.  'Like' if you like what you see :)

Anyway, I'd really like you guys to know a bit more about her, so here's a Q&A I've done with her recently :)

When did you decide to pick up photography and how long have you done it for?  Is it just a hobby or do you want to make it your career?
I started photography when I was fifteen at school and Ive been doing it for about a year now. It was a hobby at first, but then once I bought my camera I really began to experiment around with the light and angles etc. It certainly has grown into a serious hobby of mine and I am considering making it a career. 

What camera and photo editing programs do you use or recommend?
I use my Nikon d5100 but I’m starting to get the feel around with the D300 I'm borrowing from school. I’m definitely using Photoshop Cs5 for editing my photos. Pretty standard 

Who are some of your favorite photographers? 
I have so many! I look to so many artists and photographers as role models and I get tons of inspirations from their work. Sally Mann and Will Davidson are a few to name. Photographers closer to home would be my good friend Pongsakorn Yanannisorn (I did a collab shoot with him recently).  You can check out his work on his facebook page at PonPon

What are your favorite blogs?  Why?
I usually hop around beauty and fashion blogs. To be honest, I don’t really go on the computer that often, but I do occasionally watch video blogs by VagabondYouth and ClothesEncounters. A lot of the times I check out the blogs from Vogue Italia and I follow Muse Magazine. Vogue Italia has a section on their website where there are tons of breathtaking photos by photographers around the world and it certainly amazes. Its absolutely mind boggling how beautiful and strong some of the images are on PhotoVogue.

How would you describe your style of photography?
Quirky, Simple, Fresh.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Where ever I go and whatever I see. My inspirations are always around me, from what I see from a movie to reading a quote from a book. It’s EVERYWHERE. 

Where are your favorite places in Vancouver to shoot?
Coal harbor in downtown and the in forest. North Vancouver has tons of trees and beautiful mountains. I’m still scouting for places but I’m sure the Richmond Bird Sanctuary should be a great destination! 

Do you do the hair and makeup for your models?  What is your favorite product to use?  
At the moment, I do the hair and a little bit of makeup on the models since I can’t afford a makeup/hair artist. I have only one palette of eyeshadow and three different shades of lipstick haha, so my choices are limited. Usually I’ll ask the model to bring makeup with her because she knows her shade of foundation better than I do! My photos tend have the model wearing natural makeup, that’s why I don’t use too many products. But for now, my favourite lipstick would be from mac. It’s called Diva and it’s a matte inky plum raspberry colour.

Advice for anyone who wants to become a freelance photographer?
Work Hard, be sharp and stay strong! 

What is your favorite pun joke? 
“I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.”

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