Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY: How to Turn Your Regular Scarf Into a Circle Scarf

Some girls love shoes, some love bags--but I love scarves.  I have a ridiculous amount of scarves, probably more than what I have of shoes and bags combined.  Boxes and boxes of them!  They keep me cozy and somewhat fashionable, adding a bit of color and accessory to my otherwise monotone outfits.

Lately though, I've found myself more partial to circle scarves.  I like the fact that you don't have to worry about any loose ends flapping about in the wind.  Less maintenance.  Sad thing is, I only own about 3 of them.  So, being the cheap and innovative person that I am, I figured out a way in which I could have more...without actually having to go out and shop for them.  Try not to be too underwhelmed...

Because it's fairly straightforward.

I simply stitched the ends of my regular scarves together.  

And if my scarves were knit and had tassels on the bottom, I merely knotted each tassel to its opposing tassel to connect them.  


1.  Sew an overcast stitch to connect the ends together with a needle and thread.
If you don't know what an overcast stitch is, click here.   

2.  Once you've stitched the ends together, invert your scarf to hide the stitches.
3.  And wala!  Your circle scarf is finished. 

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