Monday, December 3, 2012

Tips: Vampy Lips (& for Wearing Lipstick in General)

Autumn is here (well...winter now; sorry, I was a little late posting this BUT this is still a current beauty trend!)--and as the leaves change color and the skies grow darker, so do our lipsticks.  Last season's bright, lively fun colors take on dramatic shades of deep plums and rich mauves, with pouts looking perpetually stained from berries and wine.

Bold lipsticks are intimidating.  If the color bleeds and stains your teeth, it's much more obvious than say, if you were wearing nude or pink tones--not to mention, if your lips are dry and flaky from the cold weather, deep shades can call even more unwanted attention to them.  However, when done right, the results are beautiful and well worth the effort.

The secret to flawless lipstick lies in prepping the lips and color application.  It's important to exfoliate your lips at least once a week if they're prone to being chapped--you can use a homemade scrub of olive oil and brown sugar, a warm, moist towel, or even a toothbrush to gently remove dry skin.  Remember to add a coat of lip balm to restore moisture to your lips every night and sleep on it, whether they're exfoliated or not.

Prior to lipstick application, apply a lip balm and let it absorb into your skin for a couple minutes; then blot it off with a piece of tissue.  You need to blot off the lip balm, otherwise the color will slip off.  Choose a lip liner that matches closest to your lipstick and line your lips--this will create a barrier that will prevent your lipstick from bleeding outside the edges.  You can fill in your lips using a variety of ways:  directly from the lipstick, with a brush for extra precision, or even your finger to blend in layers if you want to have more control over the intensity of the shade you're wearing.  For even longer lasting lip color, blot the first coat of lipstick with a piece of tissue and then apply another coat.  Blotting the first coat removes any excess oils, allowing the second coat to adhere to your lips more.

Extra Tips:
.If you can't find a specific shade, you can always mix and blend different lipsticks together to create a darker or lighter look.


  1. I love a dark lip for the winter but my chapped lips make it hard :( Thanks for the tips!

    1. I know what you mean :/ A lot of lipsticks tend to dry out my lips. If you really want to rock a darker lip, why don't you try a tinted lip balm? I recommend Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Plum. It won't be as dark, but it'll definitely make a difference as well as keep your lips conditioned.

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