Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY: Christmas Decorating (Coffee Filter Snowflakes)


Happy Holidays!  Hope everyone is happy, healthy and keeping warm.  It's been perfectly crisp and cold this year, lovely weather for cozying up indoors with family, friends, significant  One of the things I really love doing this time around is decorating.  This Christmas I kind of took over my boyfriend's room and made it wonderful.  As Gramps likes to put it, "B*tches love decorating.  It's like their way of telling you your sh*t is mine now."  Har har. 

However, he didn't mind and even insisted on helping.  I brought the lights, he bought a $5 tree from Daiso and then we spent a couple days cutting out snowflakes from coffee filters and stringing them on thread to cascade like snowfall from his window.  We followed Megacrafty's snowflake template, click here to view.  Add your own variations to make them unique like we did!  Tip:  Don't make them too big, otherwise they'll turn out floppy and limp when you hang them. 

We spend a lot of time inside now :) 

Last year, my housemates and I decided to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas together to celebrate after finals.  
Being poor college students on a budget, we used fairly creative means to transform our apartment into a Winter Wonderland.  We were quite brrrilliant, considering what we had to work with, now that I think about it (ok, maybe a little ghetto, but everything worked out for the most part!).  The small tree from Walmart we chipped in for didn't come with a R took apart one of our fans and we used its base instead, which he strapped onto the trunk with shoelaces.  Our tree sported one tube of Dollar Tree ornaments (we used paperclips to hang them since they didn't come with attachers) and 8 round bottles of Coca Cola's Christmas edition coke, which were tied to the branches with wrapping ribbon.  A spent about two weeks one week cutting large sheets of paper into snowflakes to hang in the living room, while I cut mini ones out of Dollar Store coffee filters to hang on the Christmas lights (I made a candle place holder by cutting the middle out of a paper plate and gluing snowflakes all over it :).  R finished up by folding the leftover papers into Christmas-themed origami to post around our counter and refrigerator.  The living room looked so nice when lit up that we actually saved a lot of money on the electric bill that month because we wouldn't turn on the main lights.  It also made studying for finals much, much more bearable to say the least.     

On the last day before the break, we had Thanksgiving dinner with friends and ended the night by donning on reindeer antlers and taking a joyride through the neighborhood to look at more Christmas lights.  That's how we roll in Davis .  Good times indeed. 

So!  I'm curious!  How did you guys decorate or celebrate?  I'd love to know or see if you have photos :)


  1. Thanks so much for leaving me a link to your snowflake decorating! Wow that window is just gorgeous... I really love how it turned out!

    And the bit of audio from Elf in the background of the video is perfect! : )

    Fabulous job with all your decorations... if I do my $20 and under Christmas tree decorating challenge next year you should definitely join!!

  2. Oh yeah- and if you want to try and cut bigger flakes from coffee filters here's a way to make them stiff so the edges don't flop over : )

    1. Oh my god. The secret is fabric stiffener?! You are brilliant.

      And...challenge accepted! Looking forward to it!

      Thank you so much for dropping by :)