Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY: Dinosaur Hoodie

Long ago when I dabbled in "sewing" projects, I used to staple fabric together and call it a day. True story.  So despite the shoddy workmanship (you'll notice if you look closely, but I'm hoping you'll find my efforts endearing), this is pretty good for me. I hope to inspire, har har.   

Click here for original tutorial from DIYing to be Domestic. 

I recommend going to a Marshalls/Ross/thrift store, or even H &M for a decently priced, comfortable hoodie you can play around with. 

You're going to need two colors--one contrasting color for your spikes and white felt for your teeth.  I used 4 sheets of felt for my spikes and 1 sheet for my teeth.

2 large black buttons

White marker


Needle & thread


Fold your felt piece, hotdog style.  Draw a triangle along the crease
and cut it out. 

Unfold.  You've created the shape of a diamond! 
Don't worry, it will all make sense in a minute. 

Fold it back into a triangle
and use it as a template for the rest of your spikes.

You don't have to do this, but I like consistency. 

Cut out desired amount of spikes (I made 11 for a large hoodie). 
Line the pieces along the center line of the back of your hoodie. 
You can pin them down if you'd like.  Sew down the center line. 
By the way, this is probably 10x easier and faster
if you used a sewing machine instead of doing it by hand.

Sew up your diamonds into triangles. 

Repeat the same process for the amount of teeth you desire.  Adjust size
accordingly.  Straight stitch the middle of diamonds along the edge of
your hood, then stitch together into triangles. 

Now you're ready to trick or treat-- 
or wear this around casually like the cool kid you are
and of course, hum the Jurassic Park theme song.


  1. can i make one?! :D i think a dino party might be nessasary one day. sushi, and dinosaurs... :D

  2. I found your tutorial link from soompi! thanks for sharing, I never really understood how to make these dino hoodies. Perfect for halloween to stay warm in :D I remember I wanted one awhile back and some websites sell them for more than $40 depending on the type of hoodies they used for it. What's better is a DIY hoodie, thanks!

    Jenny @

    1. No problem! Glad you followed the link over to our blog. If you end up making one, I'd love to see how it turns out. A bunch of my friends ended up making them too:

      Good luck! :)