Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beauty Trend: The Minimalist

While last year’s soft feminine  fashions have transitioned into flashy florals, they carry on into Spring 2013′s beauty trend.  Heavy eye makeup has faded into soft washes of pastel/neutral shadows swept over with light shimmer–and red lips, while still favored, have given way to nude puckers with subtle sheen.  There is a strong emphasis on defined brows and luminous skin this time around, two key features which allow for that natural, youthful look.

Brows:  Eyebrows are beauty modifiers that play a significant role in determining your look–they enhance the shape of your eyes and define your expressions.  Fuller brows allow for a more youthful appearance; they have an overall slimming effect and they frame the face.

Tips:  When choosing a brow color, pick a color that is about two shades lighter than your hair.  As you fill in your brows with a brow pencil, use short, light, upward strokes along the sparser areas, allowing the hairs to blend together.  Once you’ve completed, lightly set them with brow powder against the direction of the hair with an angled brush–this gives them a more natural look, softening any harsh lines. Use an eyebrow brush or your fingers to remove excess powder and to comb hairs back into place.

Skin:  Smooth, clear and radiant skin represents health and youth.  One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to makeup is choosing the wrong foundation, whether it be the color selection, type, or application.  Thick/heavily applied foundation is unnatural and eventually settles into fine lines, emphasizing wrinkles and pores.  To avoid that cakey mess, which can induce breakouts, use lighter products such as sheer foundations, tinted moisturizers, or bb creams to brighten and even out your skin tone instead.

Tips:  Among your face products, blush is also an important tool in achieving luminescent skin.  Dust a taupe shade under your apples for a more chiseled look to your cheek bones, then lightly sweep over the tops with a pink highlighting blush for that dewy glow.  However, don’t go too overboard with light reflecting cosmetics, especially if you have oily or combination skin, otherwise it’ll make you look greasy.  To minimize this effect, use witch hazel as a toner before applying makeup.  Witch hazel is a natural and effective skincare solution that helps control shine without over drying your face.  Click here to learn more! 

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