Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Annoyed: Physicians Formula Reformulates Brush Pen

One of my biggest makeup-related pet peeves is inconsistency. When you've found a product you enjoy enough to repurchase, it is extremely frustrating to find that the company has changed or reformulated it. I recently bought my third Physician's Formula eyeliner pen and discovered that the brush is a completely different shape than my previous ones.

Left: Old, Right: New

As you can see, the old brush tip is a quite bit longer and narrower than the new one.  This adjustment completely compromises the flexibility of the brush, which affects the application of the product.  While the actual eyeliner formula is still sound and the new brush isn't too terrible, it is still a downgrade from its original perfection. I will give Physician's Formula the benefit of the doubt and buy one more eyeliner to see if the change is a fluke. If the brush change is permanent, I will have to begin a new quest to find the ideal liquid liner.

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