Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NOTD: Galaxy Nail Art

Galaxy nails are actually one of the easiest nail art DIYs you can do, I promise.  Because you're using a technique similar to drybrushing, your nails dry pretty quickly as well--I was able to finish both hands in less than ten minutes after applying on my base color.  In addition, any mistakes can be easily corrected due to the splotchy, rough texture of the abstract pattern.  Far out!    

Products Used
Julep:  Suzie
China Glaze:  Fast Forward Top Coat
China Glaze:  Up All Night
essie:  Mademoiselle
essie:  Master Plan
Revlon:  Sparkling
Revlon:  Smoldering
Love & Beauty:  Orchid,
essie:  Shine of the Times
Pure Ice:  Beware

e.l.f:  Angled Eyeliner Brush

1)  Apply 2 coats of a navy/black/purple color on each nail.

2)  Put a thick dollop of each of the polishes you are using on a plastic surface--this will be your color palette.  The key to achieving this design is to use a technique similar to drybrushing, which enables a scratchy, textured look.  Using a small brush (I used e.l.f's angled eyeliner brush), lightly dab it in white polish (I didn't have white, so I used a very light, creamy blue instead, which worked just as well) and blot it diagonally across each nail in a cloud-like formation to your liking.  As you're lightly dabbing away, the polish will be drying fairly quickly as you go along because you're working with a very small amount of product; the polish will be spread unevenly into splotches depending on where you choose to layer it, which is what you want because it will create depth and dimension to your artwork.  This will be the base pattern you will follow when blotting on the rest of your polishes.

*Try not to let the polish completely dry on your brush; clean your brush frequently to prevent the bristles from being completely ruined by dried nail polish.  I poured a bit of nail polish remover in the bottle's cap and churned my brush tip in after each use; then I would wipe/dab it on a paper towel to dry it and to take off any remaining polish before I continued with my painting. 

3)  Use the same technique to apply your other colors randomly on and around your cloud in splotches.  I recommend using metallic colors, glitter polishes, browns, purples, greens, and blues.  Use a nude polish for your last layer--it will soften the hard edges to add a milky effect.

4)  For your stars, dip a toothpick into your white (or in my case, light blue) and make dots of various sizes all across your nail.  Then paint 1 coat of a glitter polish with different particle sizes/shapes. 

5)  Finish by applying a top coat on all nails to protect your design.

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