Monday, July 9, 2012

Review/Etsy Finds: Dreams by the Sea, 'Chevron Arrow Ring'

Price: $46 
Rating: ☺☺☺☺ 


This gold brass chevron arrow ring from Dreams by the Sea is a very versatile piece that can be used to make a tribal statement, or add an interesting accent to minimalist fashion.  

I do quite like this ring--however, the arrow is quite long, measuring 44.5mm, which cuts across a little over two fingers; this would be fine if it weren't and pointy (which is to be expected, it is an arrow after all).  The extending tip does poke the area above the knuckle of my pinky from time to time, but I find that if you adjust the ring and secure it tightly to your finger, it minimizes the issue.  Going along with that thought, you want to be a little more mindful of your movements when wearing these things because it can snag on clothing and such.

Overall, although it's not practical to wear, it is a very unique piece of jewelry that is worth the risks involved--so long as you remember to be careful :)

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