Friday, May 18, 2012

NOTD: Lucky Nails

With Finals just around the corner, some of us could do with a little luck to go with our efforts.  Red and gold are considered auspicious colors in Chinese culture; however, since I don't have gold glitter, copper will have to do instead.

Here's another simple look you can complete in 3 easy steps--perfect for those looking for a quick break from studying.

Products Used
Revlon:  Sparkling
O.P.I:  From A to Zurich
Revlon:  Base + Top Coat

1)  Apply 1 coat of O.P.I's 'From A to Zurich' on each nail.
2)  Dab 1 layer of Revlon's 'Sparkling' on the tips and halfway down the sides of the nails (similar to the shape of a horseshoe). Let dry.  Dab 2 more layers nearer to the tips to create a light gradient-like effect.
3)  Finish by applying Revlon's Base + Top Coat on all nails.

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