Monday, February 27, 2012

Reviews: Everyday Minerals 'Snuggle', 'SoCo', & 'Glam Guru' Blushes

Price: Custom Sample Kits are free, not including shipping costs (+$0.01)
Rating:   ☺☺☺☺☺!

If you guys don't know, Everyday Minerals is probably one of the best mineral makeup companies available to you out there--ok well, this is a personal opinion, but I have good reasons!  Not only do they offer a large selection of mineral makeup at an affordable price, their products are also:

products contain only plant-sourced ingredients that are cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals, irradiation, or pesticides

products do not contain animal by-products and does not test on animals (cruelty-free)

products are not harmful to the environment and contributes to green living

In addition, "10% of all their sales go towards the acquisition and conservation of Austin Hill Country for Wilderness Preservation. To date, Everyday Minerals has rescued 28 acres of land, with an ultimate goal of rescuing 1,000 acres under Wilderness Protection by 2025."  Learn more here

Let me go on more about how awesome they are.

So one of the best things about Everyday Minerals is that they offer select sample options on their website that you can order as a 7-piece kit to try for free (you must pay shipping and handling, but it's only about $3) before you make any decisions to buy their full-sized products.  To add on to that, their samples contain quite an amount of product:  0.005oz/0.14g.  This may not seem a lot, but their powders are highly pigmented--so a little goes a long way.   

Please note that while Custom Sample Kits are free, you are required to donate at least a penny (hopefully more) to their Everyday Minerals Wilderness Preservation Plan.

Another thing is, is that they used to send their samples in small sample pots; those have been replaced by resealable packets

I understand why they're using packets now (less waste contribution and shipping costs), but I don't particularly like using them--they're messy and impractical.  I transferred the powders into the sample pots I had saved from my last order instead; you can do this efficiently by pouring the sample packet out onto a piece of paper and funneling it into your container of choice.  

But enough blathering, let's go on to the actual review.  I ordered 3 blushes as part of my kit, so I'll have 3 short reviews on them here instead of doing separate ones--because the blushes are all high quality and highly pigmented, I won't be using my 'pros and cons' format like I usually do--this is more of an 'observation and personal opinion' kind of thing this time.

Despite being described and displayed as a petal-pink hue on the website--SoCo is more of a deep mauve color with purple undertones; it's a matte blush that will warm up your face.  However, because it's a bit on the plummy side, if you don't blend it out well, you can look a little bruised and unusual.

Snuggle is peachy pink with a subtle, fine shimmer that highlights your cheekbones while giving it a bit of color for a healthy complexion.  The picture displayed on the website makes the blush look more like it's on the orange side, but in reality, it's quite an even balance between the two.  This is a very natural color, great for an everyday or "no-makeup" look.

Glam Guru
Glam Guru is an earthy pink with coppery shimmer.  I was weary at first with the sparkles, but I was immensely pleased with the results after application, making it my favorite blush of the 3.  It warms up my face quite nicely, rendering a bronzer unnecessary, and doesn't make the apples of my cheeks shine like disco balls.  Surprising, I know.  I obsessively checked my face outside throughout the day to make sure this was so.     

Because I love this blush so much, I'm going to include an extra picture, just to give you a better idea of how it looks.

These blushes are highly pigmented, so you must use a light hand when using them, otherwise the color will be too concentrated in one area and become difficult to blend.  Remember to tap off any excess before applying. 

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