Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY: Sea Salt Spray for "Beach" Hair

 I rarely frequent the beach due to the fact that my hometown is perpetually shrouded in fog year-round, so this whole "beach hair" deal is completely new to me.  Apparently, salt water enhances curls and creates volume--but at a price.  ::dun dun dun::

It is important to note that salt water leaves deposits in your hair which can build up, causing hair to become dry and brittle.  Salt water is not beneficial for hair (just like how heels are not beneficial for the feet, makeup not beneficial for the face, etc.--so why do we do it anyways?  Because we women, for the most part, are vain creatures.)  Thus, do not abuse this spray--use it occasionally to prevent excessive hair damage.  Always remember to wash and condition your hair thoroughly after each use.     


1 cup (8oz) filtered/distilled/purified, warm water
-tap water will leave mineral deposits in your hair

1.5 tbs sea salt
-regular salt will not work, sea salt must be used
-use finely ground sea salt as opposed to course sea salt; it will dissolve faster
-I have extremely oily and thick hair, so I use more salt; if you have dry hair, you can use as little as 1 tsp--adjust accordingly to your hair type

1 tsp conditioner
-the salt will dry out your hair and make it feel coarse, so the conditioner will help counteract the drying effect 
-the thinner your conditioner is, the better it will mix; avoid using thick formulas 

2 tsp hair gel/spray gel
-the hair gel will enhance the salt's holding ability for a longer lasting hairstyle
-spray gel, which is liquified, will mix better than regular hair gel

6 drops tea tree oil
-optional but recommended; tea tree oil helps to moisturize hair

1 spray bottle

1.  Add all the ingredients into the spray bottle, shake to mix.

2.  Start off with dry hair.  Spray with reckless abandon everywhere except the scalp; it may be a good idea to stand in the bathtub to keep the mess contained.  However, because your hair needs to be air dried, if you're in a rush, just mist it over until slightly damp for quicker results.

3.  Air dry hair--scrunch your hair to create an even wavier effect.  If you're scrunching your hair, your hands will become dry from the salt, so keep some lotion handy.

Notes & Tips
.This spray probably works better for people with naturally wavy/permed hair as opposed to people with straight hair--I feel like it serves to perk up and define the waves you already have, rather than creating them

.Do not brush/comb you hair afterward; you will comb the waves out.  Run fingers lightly through hair if you want to neaten up your look

.Oils added will never fully combine with the water, so you'll have to give the bottle a good shake before each use

.Due to the lack of preservatives, use/replace spray within 4-5 days of use



  1. I really like that. Will try this tomorrow =)

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. It looks nice on you! It's such a simple DIY..too bad I don't have all the stuff :(

  3. You look very beautiful with long hair.