Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review: Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Tiger Lily

Price Range: $7
Rating: ☺☺☺☺

Add a smooch of color, and a whole lot of conditioning with beautiful Botanical Waxes, the secret to our Tinted Lip Balm.

I'm not really one to use lipsticks or lip glosses; lipsticks can be a little too much for me, especially lip glosses since I live somewhere really windy--I feel like they're fly/hair traps you set on yourself. Sexy, not. That is why I like tinted lip balms--it looks more natural, it's dual purpose, and little to no precision or maintenance is involved due to its sheerness in color.

Anyway, winter can be pretty brutal to the skin, particularly the lips since the skin there is thinner and lacks protective oil glands. Because lipsticks tend to be a bit drying, I'd suggest temporarily switching to a tinted lip balm this time around if you're more prone to dry lips.

+Buttery smooth texture
+Tiger Lily is a very pretty warm peachy color
+Doesn't cake around the lips or in the cracks of your lips
+The color payoff may not be drastic (hence, "tinted" lip balm), but it does even out your lip color and leave a healthy glow due to the glossy texture. For people with more pigmented lips however, I would avoid the lighter colors of the line (like the neutrals and pinks), if you're looking for an actual color change because they're very sheer.
+Very minimalistic, good for people who opt for the more natural and healthy way in regards to looks and ingredients
+Lightly scented--smells lovely
+Not tested on animals

-A bit expensive for a lip balm
-It comes in a large cardboard outer packaging, which is unnecessary and wasteful for a regular sized tube of lip balm; it can also be misleading because you may think you're getting a jumbo sized tinted lip balm

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