Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Bamboo Compact + Bamboo Wear Face Powder

Price: $9.95
Rating: ☺☺☺☺

Beauty that's sustainable.

In looking for safer and eco-friendly beauty products, people tend to forget about the packaging of the cosmetics themselves--cosmetic packaging is often overlooked, as their long term impact on the environment is not as readily apparent to society. According to the EPA, everyday packaging, such as that from cosmetics and toiletry, accounts for one-third of the trash in landfills because a majority of the packing material used is made with plastics that do not meet standard recycling requirements.

Physicians Formula has created reusable packaging for their Bamboo Wear line of makeup--their Bamboo Wear Bamboo Compact allows consumers to purchase powder refills (face powder/bronzer/blush) for their durable, naturally sustainable bamboo case: the powder refill is secured to the bottom of compartment by magnets; once the powder is used up, the empty refill pan can be popped out and recycled, allowing the compact to be reused. This type of sustainable design helps to reduce adverse environmental impacts over time and improve environmental performance by lessening the need to consume resources, as well as reducing waste in landfills.

+90% Natural formula
+Fragrance free
+Paraben free
+Finely milled powder
+Provides sheer coverage, acts as a good setting powder
+Absorbs excess oil on the skin, leaving a smooth satin finish

-The brush that comes with the compact is rubbish: the bristles are rough and flimsy, and they don't pick up much product
-The powder is tightly packed, so you really have to work your brush in (a flat top or kabuki brush works best) in order to pick up enough product
-Limited color range--only comes in 3 very light shades:
Translucent, Creamy Natural, and Beige

.The compact is sold separately for $6.95

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